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 التسمم Poisoning

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[ندعوك للتسجيل في المنتدى أو التعريف بنفسك لمعاينة هذه الصورة]

Poisons are substances that if inhaled, ingested, absorbed or injected, harm the
structure or functions. of the body.

Poisonous Fumes or Gases

1. Rapid, weak pulse
2. Headache
3. Blurred vision
4. Drowsiness (may lead to unconsciuosness)
5. Breathing difficulties

1. Immediately carry or drag victim to fresh air (minimize your exposure to the fumes).
2. If the victim is not breathing, start mouth-to-mouth ventilation (see Absence of Breathing).

Poison Ivy

[ندعوك للتسجيل في المنتدى أو التعريف بنفسك لمعاينة هذه الصورة]


1. Skin Rash
2. Blisters on the skin
3. Swelling
4. Burning and itching of the skin
poison ivy


1. Remove any clothing from the affected area.
2. Wash the affected area of skin thoroughly with soap and cool water to remove any poisonous residue. Be sure the water used to clean the area does not spread poison by running over the other parts of the body.


3. Rinse the area with rubbing alcohol.
4. Apply calamine lotion to the area to relieve itching and burning.
5. If the victim develops a fever for several days or experiences an
excessive amount of inflammation, irritation, oozing, or itching, he/she should
be treated by a doctor.


Swallowed Poisons/Medications

[ندعوك للتسجيل في المنتدى أو التعريف بنفسك لمعاينة هذه الصورة]


1. Pale, cool, clammy skin
2. Rapid, weak pulse
3. Nausea and/or vomiting
4. Burns around the mouth
5. Burning pain in the mouth or throat
6. Stomach pains or cramps
7. Drowsiness (may lead to unconsciousness)

[ندعوك للتسجيل في المنتدى أو التعريف بنفسك لمعاينة هذه الصورة]


1. Look into the victim's mouth and remove all tablets, powder or any material that is present.
2. Examine the mouth for cuts, burns, swelling, unusual coloring or odor.
3. Rinse and wipe out the mouth with a cloth.
4. Call for Ambulance. vomit
NEVER produce vomiting if the patient is drowsy, unconscious, or has swallowed
Liquid Plumber or acids. If this occurs, give liquids only.
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التسمم Poisoning
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