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 Former Banfield veterinarian sues

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مُساهمةموضوع: Former Banfield veterinarian sues   الخميس يونيو 03, 2010 12:28 am

Former Banfield veterinarian sues

Portland, Ore. -— A

former chief of staff at a Banfield hospital in Oregon filed suit
against the corporate veterinary practice, claiming unlawful workplace
discrimination and wrongful termination.Banfield officials report they will vigorously defend against the claims
made in the law suit.

Dr. Robert Nix alleges he was wrongfully demoted and terminated as a
result of his “whistleblowing” about what he thought were questionable
practices at one of Banfield’s hospitals. He seeks a jury trial, with
economic and non-economic damages for his loss of salary and attorneys
fees. He is seeking $199,000 in lost pay, $300,000 in compensatory
damages, including reinstatement of his former position.

Nix began working for Banfield in October 2003 and arrived at its new
Nyberg Woods Urgent Care center in August 2007, where he worked until
late 2008. While employed at Nyberg Woods, Nix claims he worked with
non-certified veterinary technicians with little training and a lack of
support to complete the emergency procedures marketed at the facility.

He also claims that doctors were encouraged to use ultrasound to boost
revenue at the struggling clinic, “whether needed or not,” according to
the complaint, filed in late April in Oregon’s Multnomah County Circuit
Court. Nix contends he was terminated because he voiced opposition
regarding the use of ultrasound with certain medical cases.“Banfield has, and always will, put the health and wellness of pets at
the forefront of our practice.

We strive to provide the highest quality
veterinary medicine to the pets we treat,” Jeffrey Klausner, DVM, MS,
Dipl. ACVIM, senior vice president and chief medical officer for
Banfield, says in a statement on the case. “We are deeply concerned by the allegations of a former Banfield doctor
-- an associate who resigned from his position to pursue other
opportunities and interests -- who has made false claims and unfounded
statements about our practice, protocols and quality of medicine.”Banfield, which operates more than 750 hospitals employing more than
2,000 veterinarians, “adamantly denies the claims” Nix has made and say
the his case was in mediation for several months before advancing to
this point.

Attorneys for the company have not yet had a chance to
address the issue before the courts, according to Banfield.“There is no merit to the allegations and Banfield intends to vigorously
defend against the claims,” Klausner adds.

“Not only do these
allegations negatively impact our clients and our associates, but it
also creates a false perception among our veterinary colleagues and
industry partners. Our approach to delivering that high-quality medicine
is simple -- we recommend the best course of action for the pets we
treat each and every time -- no more, no less.”No further court dates were scheduled by press time.

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Former Banfield veterinarian sues
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