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 Veterinary Specialty Practices Form Innovative Collaborative Named MOON

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مُساهمةموضوع: Veterinary Specialty Practices Form Innovative Collaborative Named MOON   الخميس يونيو 03, 2010 12:29 am

Veterinary Specialty
Practices Form Innovative
Collaborative Named MOON

DENVER, CO--(Marketwire - June 2, 2010) - A new collaborative
network of veterinary specialty practices recently formed to improve
organizational efficiency, promote growth and profitability yet maintain
individual autonomy. Stepping away from the more traditional veterinary
model of business consolidation, MOON (Member Owned Organizational
Network) consists of five veterinary specialty practices from across the
United States, representing thirteen veterinary specialty hospitals and
over 900 employees.
This innovative business model enables member practices to
maintain independence while enjoying the benefits of
collaboration. Implementing select shared management services (finance,
marketing, IT) and enterprise-level applications (HRIS, HIS), while
building partnerships with organizations from both in and outside the
veterinary profession have already begun.
MOON's foundation lies in the veterinary ethos that
recognizes, celebrates and facilitates the "human-animal" bond. A
dedication to service and an interwoven perspective of science,
compassion, and integrity are also central. As the organization grows,
it will add new member practices in the future and continue to search
for ways to create synergies for its existing business partners and
member practices.
MOON's Executive Management Team includes Brian Cassell DVM -
Executive Director, Mona Bishlawi - CFO, and Suzi Martin - Consulting
& Operations Manager. Founding veterinary specialty member practices
include IVG (InTown Veterinary Group), located north of Boston, MA,
Animal Emergency and Treatment Center, located in and around Chicago,
IL, Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital in Denver, CO, Veterinary Specialty
Hospital of San Diego in southern California, and Veterinary Surgical
Associates, Veterinary Medical Specialists and Tri-Valley Animal
Emergency Center, all located in the San Francisco Bay area,

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Veterinary Specialty Practices Form Innovative Collaborative Named MOON
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