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 New Bolton Veterinary Center finishes expansion

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مُساهمةموضوع: New Bolton Veterinary Center finishes expansion   الجمعة يونيو 18, 2010 12:47 am

New Bolton Veterinary

Center finishes

The New Bolton Veterinarian Center and School recently completed the
state-of-the-art James M. Moran Critical Care Center after six years of
planning and construction.

"The facility will make an enormous
difference for our equine patients," said Pennsylvania Department of
Agriculture Secretary Russell Redding. "Today, the entire commonwealth
of Pennsylvania gets stronger."

Betty Moran — a major contributor
to the project and for whose son the facility is named — cut the ribbon
with University of Pennsylvania Provost Vincent Price and Redding,
marking the opening of the facility and the beginning of the tour of the

Chief of Medicine Dr. Corrine Sweeney, associate dean
of the New Bolton Center, lauded the facility for its premiership and
national prestige. "If you go to facilities in Finland, they'll have
heard of Jill Beach and the others," Sweeney said. "There are
publications (resulting from New Bolton) that change the way people

The critical care center has two wings: an isolation
wing and one that deals primarily with colic, a gastrointestinal disease
common in horses and the symptoms of which also sometimes cover other

While designed to protect the horses, the structure of
the facilities is striking in light of current fears of cross-species
disease adaptation. The isolation wing is used for horses with highly
contagious diseases such as salmonella or strangles, which leaves 20
percent of horses contagious for a month after symptoms of strangles

The state-of-the-art rooms use a double entrance with a
sterilization vestibule and lines for intravenous medication run through
the walls.

The other wing focuses on colic, a twisting of the
intestines. Treating colic can be difficult because more serious or
infectious diseases such as strangles and diarrhea often pose as
symptoms of colic.

The advanced design of New Bolton's new
facility allows the center to treat various diseases remarkably quickly.
For instance, intravenously pumping a total of 25 gallons of water into
a horse, the standard cure for diarrhea, is possible in just 24 hours.
The intravenous lines can also deliver a medicine familiar to humans:

"My job is to stop horses from dying," summed up
Dr. Rose Nolen-Walson, who will be using the new wings.

Dr. Helen
Aceto of the department of biosecurity said, "There are about 1,200
emergencies a year. About half of those are in this building. The entire
facility is said to have a total of 6,000 patients a year."

New Bolton campus is staffed by about 250 veterinarians with an
additional 40 students from the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary
School in their final year of school. About 100 people will be working
in and out of the James M. Moran Critical Care Center.

The New
Bolton facility started in 1963 through the University of Pennsylvania.
In the 47 years since, it has established itself as one of the best
veterinarian facilities in the nation.

Between allocating the
funds and construction, the new facility was a six-year project.

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New Bolton Veterinary Center finishes expansion
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